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Someone made a hyper-realistic deepfake of Ron DeSantis as Michael Scott from 'The Office' wearing ...

Business Insider 29 May 2023
Ron DeSantis and Steve Carell. Paul Hennessy/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images, Chris Haston/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images A deepfake video of Ron DeSantis as Michael Scott in "The Office" has gone viral on Twitter ... "No ... He then adds ... He was likely referring to the unproven theory that DeSantis wears boots with heels to boost his height.

California’s achievement gap defies extra billions in school spending | Dan Walters

Victoria Advocate 27 May 2023
Even if spending more money would have narrowed the gap – an unproven theory – many school districts, particularly those in urban areas dominated by hardball politics, often fail to concentrate the extra funds on at-risk kids ... He dubbed it “subsidiarity,” adapting the term from an obscure theological theory.

Debt ceiling crisis forces Biden to wrestle with limits on his power

The Spokesman-Review 27 May 2023
Under these theories, the Treasury Department could keep borrowing money beyond the limit set by Congress, issuing debt to pay for spending that Congress has, after all, already authorized ... Biden himself has cited the risk of trying an unproven theory when the stakes for the economy are so high.

Descendants asking US Supreme Court to rename Brown v. Board of Education for SC case

The Post and Courier 27 May 2023
Special Reports ... Though Brown v ... But for reasons unknown and theories of political pressure unproven, those trying the case at the Supreme Court would break with tradition and put the Kansas-based case in front of four other related cases when consolidating them, making the Clarendon County case a footnote rather than first in the minds of Americans.

Alexander Duncan | California’s Lost Promise

The Signal 26 May 2023
Despite his charismatic persona and lofty promises, the state has witnessed a concerning downturn in key areas under his leadership. The most glaring issue is the worsening homelessness crisis ... Instead of focusing on improving curriculum and teacher quality, the emphasis has been on political ideologies and unproven educational theories ... Newhall . .

Opinion: Did Nvidia just help create an AI-fueled stock bubble?

Market Watch 26 May 2023
Investors seem to be betting on the unproven theory of a second-half rebound and near-term results from AI, while much of the tech sector — that is, just about every company not named Nvidia — still has a lot to prove about their near-term results and how AI will benefit their bank accounts.Did earnings justify the tech-stock rebound?.

DeSantis Is No Trump Killer

Political Wire 25 May 2023
... governor of Florida, the events of Wednesday evening showed it’s still very much an unproven theory.” Save to Favorites .

“Atrocity Fabrication and Its Consequences,” by A. B. Abrams

GlobalResearch 23 May 2023
“While the lack of evidence implicating North Korea as the perpetrator did not rule out the possibility of its responsibility, it highlighted the extent to which its adversaries could shape narratives and manipulate global opinion based on totally unproven accusations.

Walters: California’s achievement gap defies billions in school spending

East Bay Times 21 May 2023
Even if spending more money would have narrowed the gap – an unproven theory – many school districts, particularly those in urban areas dominated by hardball politics, often fail to concentrate the extra funds on at-risk kids ... He dubbed it “subsidiarity,” adapting the term from an obscure theological theory.

John Durham Shows ‘Lock Her Up’ Politics Were Never About Real Crimes

New York Magazine 16 May 2023
After John Durham released his final report yesterday, laying out his unproven theories of a deep-state conspiracy against Donald Trump, Republicans met the anticlimactic finale not with regret but with renewed fervor to imprison Trump’s targets.

How did Modi lose Karnataka — and could he lose India?

Al Jazeera 14 May 2023
In the end, the writing was on the wall ... Modi’s party, which had won 104 seats in 2018, had to settle for 66 this time ... Victory of ‘secularism’? ... Many Muslim men have been assaulted for instance, accused of love jihad, an unproven Hindu right-wing conspiracy theory that claims they woo Hindu women to convert them to Islam ... Local issues ... .

Letter: Advising a careful, thoughtful approach to trans care

Ogden Standard Examiner 13 May 2023
Froma Harrop’s recent Commentary centered on “obsessing over transgender issues.”. She makes an insightful comment that much of the fascination is fueled by hyperactive advocates ... Rather than cave to unproven theories and hyperactive advocacy, our society would be wise to adopt an age, like 21, for those seeking medical changes ... Gary Griffenhagen.

Trouble at the temple: ban on Muslims a sign of India’s new intolerance

The Observer 12 May 2023
Under the BJP, a de facto ban was imposed on the wearing of the hijab in government schools, colleges and in exams, an “anti-conversion” law was passed in response to the unproven “love jihad” conspiracy theory that Muslim men are luring Hindu women for marriage in order to ...

After house set on fire, French mayor resigns amid local battle over hosting asylum-seekers

The Associated Press 11 May 2023
“Neither my wife, nor my three children want me to continue after the attack,' Morez told French radio network France Bleu. 'We could have died.” ... The “great replacement” refers to an unproven theory by which native populations will be replaced by migrants from other religions and cultures, destroying their way of life ... ___.

Meteorite That Struck A New Jersey House May Be From Halley’s Comet

IFL Science 09 May 2023
Advertisement ... Image Credit ... Advertisement ... According to one theory, the tradition went into decline after a catastrophic airburst left meteorites strewn across the valley. Comets have been blamed for the fall of other civilizations, but these claims remain fiercely controversial among archaeologists, and the Hopewell theory remains unproven. .

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